Fashion Design Software

Apparel manufacturers and retailers have unique challenges. Driven by the influence of fickle consumers and miniscule margins, this maniacal world operates in a state of perpetual flux. Regular adjustments to improve product positioning, brand equity, customer loyalty, service levels, speed to market, and of course the bottom line have long been the norm rather than the exception.
In this age of fast food and faster lives, the power has shifted from the retailer to the consumer. In the increasingly challening scenario that apparel retailers operate in, hitting the shelves quickly before the competetion means capturing premium pricing but the cost of developing collections also have to be kept low at the same time

Enter virtual prototyping. Virtual prototyping or visualization is increasingly being used in the apparel industry to churn off design iterations at a fraction of the time and cost required to produce them physically. Teams can collaborate on design ideas and communicate electronically via the internet to the supply chain partners thus postponing the need to send physical prototypes until the collection is finailzed.

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