Home furnishing software

The home furnishing market has been steadily rising globally and is expected to touch 23 billion $ by 2010
Most of the home furnishing imported into europe, US and Japan have their origin in Asian countries, paritularly China and India. For a home furnishing manufacturer, designing takes a key role because generally the product remains the same except for the fabrics, colours, prints etc which keep changing. Most of the time the retailer or buyer sends a specification sheet with a few design directions based on which an exporter has to develop samples which go through a lot of changes until the final design takes form. This is not only very time consuming but also a very expensive affair.

Using 3D-Vis, manufacturers have the option of sending virtual prototypes or images initially to the buyer leaving the actual physical production to be done only once the designs are consolidated. Apart from this retailers and catalogue buyers can minimise the time and money spent on photo shoots and catalogue by 90 %

3D-Vis can also be used in a POS ( Point Of Sale ) environment to help customers visualize fabrics, designs and colours in a realistic manner. A Home furnishing retailer spends a lot of money on the sales force that help the customers decide on their buy. Using 3D-Vis this expenditure can be reduced and at the same time help the customers in visualizing the fabrics on the furniture or drapes on a window against a preset wall colour thus increasing the chances of a sale.

The possibilities are endless. To discover the immense possibilities please visit Home Furnishing Visualization Gallery